World’s Great Personalities | List of Famous People

    World's Great Personalities | List of Famous People
    World's Great Personalities | List of Famous People

    Birth and Death:(14th March 1879 to April 18, 1955)

    Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist who gave the theory of relativity.
    He is considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century and is best known for his
    mass-energy equivalence formula E=mc2.
    He received the Nobel Prize in 1921 Physics for his
    ‘services to theoretical physics’, in
    particular the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect’.

    Birth and Death (476 CE- 550 CE)

    Aryabhata was an acclaimed mathematician astronomer,
    born in Kusumapura (present-day Patna) in Bihar.
    He contributed immensely in the field of mathematics, science, and astronomy,
    Some of his written works are ‘Aryabhatiya‘ and Arya-Siddhanta.

    Birth and Death (August 304 BC 232 BC)

    Ashoka was one of the greatest emperors of the Maurya dynasty.
    Ashoka renounced armed conquest and adopted a policy called
    ‘conquest by dharma’ and embraced Buddhism after witnessing the
    the destruction caused during the Kalinga war.

    Birth and Death (29th April 1970)

    Andre Agassi is an American tennis player.
    Agassi is an eight-time Grand Slam Champion and 1996
    Olympic gold medallist in singles tennis.
    Agassi was nicknamed The Punisher’.


    Ang Dorje (Chhuldim) Sherpa is a Nepali sherpa mountaineering guide,
    climber and porter from Pangboche, Nepal.
    He has climbed to the summit of Mount Everest 17 times,
    Cho Oyu seven times since 1995, Broad Peak (1995), Gasherbrum Il (1997),
    and Ama Dablam (1996).

    (1253 1325 CE)

    Amir Khusro was a Sufi musician, poet, and scholar.
    He is credited for the invention of musical
    instruments like tabla and sitar.
    He is also regarded as the ‘father of Qawwali’.
    He was associated with the royal empires of the seven rulers of Delhi.

    (12th June 1929 – February 1945)

    Anne Frank was a German-born diarist and writer She is one of the most
    discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
    Her wartime diary “The Diary of a Young Girl”
    has been the basis for several plays and films.
    She gained international fame
    posthumously after her diary was published.

    (30th July 1947)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian American actor, producer, director,
    activist, businessman, former professional bodybuilder, and politician.
    He was nicknamed the Austrian Oak’ as a bodybuilder
    and ‘Arnie’ as an actor. Schwarzenegger gained
    worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film icon with
    his movies like The Terminator, which was a massive
    critical and box-office success.

    (15th Dec. 1832-27th Dec. 1923 )

    Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was a French civil engineer and architect.
    He graduated from the prestigious Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures,
    France usually associated with a various bridge for the French railway network most
    famously the Garabit viaduct. He is best known for the world-famous Eiffel Tower,
    built for the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, and his contribution
    to building the Statue of Liberty in New York.

    (1st October 1847-20th Sept. 1933)

    Annie Besant was a prominent British and socialist, theosophist, women’s rights
    of activist, and a supporter of Irish and Indian self-rule.
    She was appointed as the first million
    female President of the Indian National Congress in 1917.

    (15th Sept. 1890-12th January 1976)

    Agatha Christie was a novelist, short story writer, playwright, and poet.
    She is best known for her numerous detective novels and short story collections.
    She has also written the world’s longest-running play,
    a military murder mystery, The Mousetrap.

    (24th July 1945- 1965)

    Azim Premji is a business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist.
    He is the Chairman of Wipro Limited.
    Premji greatest Owns 73% percent of Wipro and also owns a
    private equity fund called Premji Invest.

    (4/5th Sept. 973- 13th Dec. 1048)

    Al-Biruni a Khwarezmian Iranian Muslim scholar and polymath was a
    great philosopher, mathematician, and historian.
    In 1017 he traveled to the Indian Subcontinent and authored Tarikh Al-Hind’
    (History of India,) after exploring the Hindu faith practiced
    in India. He is also called the founder of Indology’.

    (384 BC-322 BC)

    Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist born in
    the Macedonian city of Stagira, Chalki dice.
    He was one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history.
    He was the author of a philosophical and
    the scientific system that became the framework and
    vehicle for both Christian Scholasticism and medieval
    Islamic philosophy.

    (20th April- April 30th, 1945)

    Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist Party (from 1920-21) and
    chancellor (Kanzler) and Futhrer of Germany (1933-45).
    He initiated World War II and oversaw fascist policies that
    resulted in around 6 million deaths.
    Hitler committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun
    on April 30, 1945, in his Berlin bunker)

    (356-323 BC)

    Alexander was the King (Basileus) of the Ancient Greek kingdom of
    Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty.
    He went on to conquer Persia and Egypt his kingdom ranging from
    the Mediterranean to the border of India.
    He died of malaria when he was 32.
    He is regarded as one of history’s brilliant military
    leaders and most powerful rulers.

    (12th February 1809 15th April 1965)

    Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States,
    serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865 Lincoln led the United States through its
    Civil War – its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis.
    In doing so, he preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened
    the federal greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis.
    Strengthened the federal government and modernized the economy.

    (October 21, 1833- Dec 10, 1896)

    Alfred Nobel was a Swedish
    chemist, engineer, entrepreneur, and industrialist, who invented dynamite
    and other, more powerful explosives.
    He had 355 patents to his name and posthumously he was
    assets were used to institute the Nobel Prizes.


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