The Story of Vaishnodevi Temple

The Story History of Vaishnodevi

It is believed that the temple was constructed nearly 700 years ago by Pandit Shridhar. He was a Brahman poojari he was from a very poor background and was not financially healthy but he was so much pure and true devotee of Maa Vaishnodevi.

He had a dream to keep a Bhandara ( which means to feed a few people) for Maa Vaishnodevi his dream came true and he selected a date according to the Panchang and then he invited people of nearby villages for the Bhandara.

For Bhandara, he went to each and every home to get help for the preparation for the Bhandara. People helped him but it was not enough as the number of guests was many. He got tensed as the Bhandara date came nearer a night before the Bhandara he could not sleep even for a second thinking about the Bhandara that how can he feed so many people with so much less food material he even did not have enough space for so many people together. Now he had all hopes on Maa Vaishnodevi only. He believed in her.

On the Bhandara day, he took bath and then sat and started pooja from the morning, and now it was afternoon and all people started coming and sat in his small hut and the hut was comfortable and more than enough for everyone and so much space was leftover.

Then he saw a little girl who came out of the hut and she was serving food for everyone and she was the child of Maa and her name was Vaishnavi and everyone had prasadam happily and the Bhandara had happened well.

But after the Bhandara, he was excited to know about the small girl but he could not find her and after that, no one saw her. After few days Maa Vaishnodevi came in his dreams and told that she had come in the form of a little girl and then she told about the Vaishnidevi Cave and she blessed him with four kids.

Then he started to search the cave and when he finally had found the was very happy and he decided that he will spend his whole life doing Seva of MAA Vaishnodevi and slowly and slowly the temple cave became famous and all devotees started believing in Maa Vaishnodevi.

Today, people from all over India visit Maa Vaishnodevi Temple.


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