10 Interesting Facts of Ayodhya

10 interesting facts of Ayodhya

Lord Shri Ram was a great Prince and he was born in the Ayodhya 7128 years ago which is 5114 A.D, in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh.
Come let us known interesting facts about Ayodhya.

In Indian Ancient cities, Ayodhya is well known, it is considered as the first holy city in Sapta Puirs and mentioned in many Hindu mythological books. The Sapta Puris include Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya (Haridwar), Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika (Ujjayini), and Dwarka.

According to the Skanda Puran Ayodhya city is believed to be on the Chakra(wheel)of Lord Vishnu.

At the banks of the Saryu river, the Ayodhya city was settled by the first son of Mother Earth “Swayambhuv Manu” according to the Ramayana. According to the Hindu mythology, when Swayambhuv Manu asked Lord Brahma to build a city for him, Lord Brahma took him to Lord Vishnu then Vishnuji set him a suitable place Awadhdham. Lord Vishnu also sent Devashilpi Vishwakarma along with Lord Brahma and Swayambhuv Manu to settle. Though the city was discovered by Vaivaswat Manu Maharaj, son of Vivaswan (Surya) according to the Hindu mythology Ramayana. As claimed by Mathur’s, Vaivasvata Manu took place around 6673 BC.

The first narration of Ayodhya city is in Atharva Veda. In it, its said that the Ayodhya is “city of gods”
‘देवताओं का नगर’ बताया गया है, ‘अष्टचक्रा नवद्वारा देवानां पूरयोध्या’। (ashtachakra navadvaara devaanaan poorayodhya).

Not solely Ayodhya Rama but in addition to his three brothers and the primary Tirthankara of Jainism, Rishabhanath was additionally born, who belonged to the household of Shri Ram. Aside from Rishabhanath in Ayodhya, Ajitnath, Abhinandanath, Sumatinath, and Anantnath have been additionally born, so it’s very sacred land for Jainism. Rishabhanath’s son Bharata dominated right here for a few years. The Pancham wing and Jain texts of Srimad Bhagwat describe the lifetime of Chakravarti Emperor King Bharata and his different births. In line with the Mahabharata, the empire of Bharata was widespread all through the Indian subcontinent. Ayodhya was their capital. In his clan, King Harishchandra was born and later grew to become the nice king talked about above.

Two thousand years in the past, Princess Suriratna ni Hu Hwang Okay Ayuta (Ayodhya) of Ayodhya turned the Queen of the city of Kimhye in Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. In the Chinese language, doc Samaguk Yusa states that God had dreamed to instruct the daddy of the Princess of Ayodhya to ship his daughter to Kimhaye city to marry King Suro together with his brother. Right this moment, about six million folks of the Kakra gotra in Korea describe themselves as descendants of King Suro and the princess of Ayodhya. The number of people that consider it’s greater than one-tenth of the inhabitants of South Korea.

Ayodhya was counted among the many main buying and selling facilities of the world throughout Shri Ram’s time. In line with Valmiki Ramayana, businessmen from completely different nations used to return right here. Vital varieties of crafts and weapons have been made right here. This elephant was additionally the middle of horse buying and selling. The horse of the very best breed of Kamboj and Bahit districts was traded right here. There have been additionally Gajraj of Vindhyachal and Himachal. It’s also mentioned that the hybrid breed of elephants was additionally traded right here.

Ayodhya was probably the most affluent and luxurious metropolis of the nation. In line with Valmiki Ramayana, she was beautified by the large roads unfold around Puri. Common water was sprinkled on the streets and flowers have been laid. That’s, like Indra’s Amravati, Maharaj Dasaratha embellished that Puri. On this Puri, there have been large toran gates, lovely markets, and all types of devices and weapons made by intelligent craftsmen to guard the town. The residents have been wealthy in Atul Dhan, homes of the excessive attic, which have been embellished with flagstones, and a whole lot of cannons have been mounted on the partitions of the park. ‘There may be additionally no scarcity of girls’ committees right here and gardens have been constructed in all places. Mango orchards adorned the town. Across the metropolis have been tall bushes of saw-saws. This metropolis was geared up with inaccessible fort and moat and it couldn’t be utilized by any enemy.

There’s a point out of round 20 Buddhist viharas around Ayodhya. It’s mentioned that Vishakha, the chief worshiper of Lord Buddha, took the initiation of Dhamma in Ayodhya beneath the steering of Buddha. In reminiscence of this, Visakha had established a Buddhist Vihara close to Mani Parbat in Ayodhya. It’s also mentioned that after Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana, the Buddha’s tooth has been saved on this monastery.

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