10 Lesser-known facts about Lord Rama and Ramayana

10 lesser known facts about lord rama and ramayana

When Sri Rama and Seetha had been dwelling within the forest, that they had a swimming race in a lake the place Lakshmana was the referee. Rama was initially swimming quicker than Seetha. When He realized She was unable to maintain up with His velocity, He then voluntarily slowed down and let Her end first. He later instructed Lakshmana that He all the time needs to see Her win and be blissful.

When Sugriva was sending his military in all instructions to seek for Seetha, Hanuman, a brahmachari, was sitting tired of a nook, pondering it’s unbecoming of a Prince to be thus consumed by sorrow for a girl. Rama wished him to understand the price of Seetha by making him meet Her first. Therefore Rama selected Hanuman to go south looking for Seeta.

Although solely three wives of Dasharatha are identified,
he had greater than 300 wives. Kaikeyi was his final spouse.

 It was time for Rama and Lakshmana to return to Vaikunta. Yama got here in the disguise of a rishi and requested to fulfill Rama personally. He additionally put in a situation that anyone who intrudes their privateness needs to be given a death sentence. Lakshmana was given the duty of manning the gates whereas Sri Rama and Yama engaged in their dialogue. Simply then rishi Durvasa got here to fulfill Rama and demanded that he be let in without delay. Failing which, he threatened to destroy all the metropolis of Ayodhya. Lakshmana determined it’s higher to just accept the death sentence than to let town get destroyed. Therefore he entered Sri Rama’s chamber whereas He was speaking to Yama. Rama needed to give death sentence to His beloved Lakshmana, so He sought recommendation from their Kula guru Sage Vashishta. Sage Vashishta then advised Rama that disowning a beloved one is equal to a death sentence. So Sri Rama then needed to disown Lakshmana, who ultimately left for Vaikunta.

 When Rama left for Vaikunta, He took each soul from Ayodhya with Him. 
Town then needed to be repopulated by His heirs earlier than assuming kingship.

Everybody is aware of it was Manthara on whose recommendation Kaikeyi sought Rama’s exile. It’s mentioned that when Sri Rama was a baby, He as soon as playfully hit Manthara’s hunch again with His play toy and that Manthara sought revenge by means of Kaikeyi.

 Ramayana is epic that all the time retains on fascinating folks even to them who know much less about it. 
It’s a huge treasure home of information and information about lord Rama and it’s not possible for anybody to know all the things. Relating to Ramayana, there’ll be hardly anybody of the Hindu faith who would haven’t heard concerning the epic. Nevertheless, there are a lot of issues on this scripture which can be neither instructed to anybody, and in addition, folks haven’t paid any consideration to it. This epic is stuffed with innumerable attention-grabbing information.

Valmiki the writer of Ramayana was a Hunter earlier than he turned a sage.
He was additionally the Guru of Lava and Khusha and educated them in each type of artwork and battle.

Urmila (sister of Sita) Laxmana’s spouse slept each of his and her shares of sleep in order that Laxmana remained awake defending Rama and Sita. She slept for the entire interval of exile (14 years) and solely wakened when Laxmana returned to Ayodhya. Laxmana is, therefore, additionally referred to as “Gudakesh” which means one who has “defeated sleep”.

 Sita wasn’t born to king Janaka. She was the daughter of the Goddess of earth, Bhumi. She was discovered by king Janaka in a field whereas plowing the earth as part of a yagna, who then adopted her as his daughter contemplating her to be a boon from the goddess of the earth.


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